Configure Campus and Network

For security purposes ChurchDNS resolvers are closed vs. open. This means that our resolver network will only respond to IP addresses from registered accounts. 

ChurchDNS policies are based on networks and networks are associated to a campus.

Step 1 – Create Campus

Navigate to Campus tab. Select the new campus button.

Name your campus and press save.

Step 2– Create Network

First, configure the network that the computer you're currently using is connected to. If you don't know the public IP of that network, go to

To add a Network click on the add button next to Networks. Input the public IP address of the network you are currently on. Give the network a good descriptive name. Keep in mind, you may refer back to this network name later in logs or reports.

** Currently ChurchDNS  does not support dynamic public IP addressing. Your network must use a static IP from your ISP. If your public IP changes, your DNS requests will no longer resolve.

Here you can select a policy for your network. You can choose one of the default policies, a custom filter policy, or no policy. For the purpose of this setup guide select "No Policy". If you prefer, you can create policy first.


Your network is now ready to use ChurchDNS Resolvers. Next, let's set your DNS to ChurchDNS Resolver IPs.

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