Apply Filter Policy to Network


If you have created a filter policy or would simply like to assign one of the default policy templates, you can configure and assign to any existing network.


Navigate to Campus page and choose a network within a campus that you wish to apply policy to.

If you have not yet created a Campus/Network then click here for details.


Click on "Edit" policy icon to open the campus settings. Find your desired network and click on the "Edit" button located on the Network row that you wish to change.

Select the drop down menu under "Policy" and select the filter policy that you would like to apply to this network. "Save" the network row.


Finally "Save" the Campus settings.


Your filter policy will default into the "On" state when created. Selecting "Off" will allow domains to resolve without any policy in effect. Note that logs will be created for all networks regardless of "On" or "Off" state.

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