Troubleshooting Steps

I can't login to ChurchDNS

 Request a new token here.

 If you are still unable to login please open a ticket.


Domain names do not resolve

First ensure that you have registered the public IP of the network in question under Campus. Next, try setting Policy to "No Policy". This will ensure no rule blocks are occurring.


Try going to:


If you get this screen you are connected and resolving traffic with ChurchDNS.


(Verified Success)


If you get a domain not found error, you may have input an incorrect IP address for ChurchDNS resolvers OR something is blocking connection to our servers. Double check that there are no firewall rules restricting access on port 53 to specific DNS servers.

(Domain Not Found)


If the domain pulls up but tells you that you are not connected to ChurchDNS, this means you are not set to use the ChurchDNS resolvers. Verify your router, firewall, or Domain Controllers are set properly to ChurchDNS resolvers.

(Resolving DNS but with another resolver)


*** Remember to clear ALL CACHE in local machine, browser, and domain controllers if applicable. Once cache is cleared, you may also try all verification in "Private Browsing".


Another thing you can do is try DNS testing with NsLookup.


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