Dynamic IP


ChurchDNS supports dynamic DNS IP address integration with almost any dynamic DNS provider. Popular Dynamic DNS solutions include:


Once you have an account with any of these or similar solutions, you can configure ChurchDNS to regularly poll your Dynamic DNS name. The ChurchDNS Dynamic DNS updater service runs in the cloud and keeps your network IP in sync with your service.


To configure your network, open the Edit Network screen or New Campus screen and simply type your qualified domain name into the Net Address field and click save. 




The ChurchDNS Dynamic DNS updater service will immediately begin running and identify the IP address. You may need to refresh your campus page in order to view the updated IP.




If you are an existing user, you may need to refresh your browser's application cache in order to view the interface updates. The updater service will continue to run every 60-90 seconds and will automatically keep your IP updated for you.


If you need any additional assistance, you can always open a support ticket.


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